Be Better Off with SIM Only

In these times of austerity many people are looking for ways to cut their monthly costs. Taking out an iPhone SIM only deal is a really simple way of reducing your monthly outlay on calls texts and mobile internet, without really noticing any difference in terms of usage. More than that, the overwhelming number of iPhone deals coming out all the time on all the major networks, means that they are tailor made for iPhone owners who are out of contract.

Why choose a SIM only deal?

All standard contract tariffs include the cost of the device and well as the day to day phone usage, and this is reflected in the monthly payment. But with iPhone SIM only deals, you’re only paying for the service which is considerably cheaper.

Another reason that SIM only deals are tailor made for iPhone owners is that they typically have much more generous data allowances than standard contracts. After all, the whole point of an iPhone is to make use of the apps and access mobile internet whilst on the go. Of course the other benefit to this is that you’re not likely to go ‘out of bundle’ and incur extortionate excess charges.

How can I sign up for a SIM only deal?

If you want to take advantage of an iPhone 4S SIM only deal, you must be out of contract with your current network. If you prefer to take out a SIM only contract with another network provider, then your phone will need to be unlocked. This is really easy to do, by either calling your network or popping in to a retail branch and will only cost about £15. This is small change when compared to the money that iPhone 4S SIM only deals will save you over the lifetime …

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Yota Phone Review

Developed by the Russians, the YotaPhone is the latest innovation to mobile phone technology. This new handset features two screens, one for normal mobile phone activities and the other functions as an e-reader. This maybe something you have probably seen before in the Samsung W2014, but not on the same scale as this.

One problem that touch screen phones have is not being able to keep them free of fingerprints and smudges. The YotaPhone however has been designed to stop exactly this with an area below the screen for controlling your device. In this space you can use simple gestures such as swiping to the right to take you to the home page, and swiping to the left to take you back a step. Taking a screen shot of the phone and sending it to the e-ink display (e-reader screen) is just as easy, simply swipe down with two fingers and it will be stored for you.

The e-ink display is the devices most notable feature. It utilizes the same technology used by Amazon kindles and nooks. This handy little feature will keep you entertained whilst traveling as you get lost in the pages of your favourite novel. It also acts as a hub for displaying all of your important information such as meeting times, medical appointments and reminders without draining the battery from your phone. The e-ink display uses little energy meaning any information you store on it is visible with just a glance, as if it were printed on paper.

The second screen on the phone is of course the LCD capacitive screen. It’s a full HD display measuring 4.3 inches. It’s from this screen that you make phone calls, send messages, take photos, make videos, browse the internet, play games and generally conduct all normal phone activities.…

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Mobile Phones Shock Bills to Be Stopped

An agreement has now been struck between government and four major mobile operators to put a stop to ‘Shock Bills’ through three new initiatives. Although measures are still in the works and other operators are expected to jump on the band wagon.For a long time there have been major concerns about the way in which operators do not do enough to protect consumers against shock bills. This has now come to ahead resulting from concerns over the cost of living and how too many people are unable to afford even the basics. A major shock bill could be enough to kick-start a major downward spiral of debt for many Britons already struggling financially.

These new Improvements have and are being made in response to a Labour driven Campaign. Intended to resolve an ongoing problem of debt which has been linked to mobile phone contracts, the agreement takes steps to make the following three points part of all UK mobile phone contracts.

  • Account Caps: By next spring it is hoped that a liability cap will be in place, like the £50 cap on credit and debit cards for phones reported lost or stolen.
  • Mid-Contract Price Hikes: In 2014 these increases will be banned completely due to a ruling Ofcom made against it. In the future mobile operator price-hikes will permit the customer to cancel their contract without the risk of a penalty fee.
  • Roaming Charges: By 2016 roaming charges between EU countries will be a thing of the past. BT, Sky and TalkTalk have already agreed to do this.

At one point mobile phones were a luxury item, now that times have changed they are an essential form of communication. It’s about time a bigger emphasis was put on doing what’s right for the customer, rather than treating them like cash …

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Why App Development Continues to Steer the Mobile Phone Industry

It goes without saying that the field of software development is mounting great standards day by day. The reason for this is primarily the fact that the product of this development is in huge demand. Following this, we find an easy explanation for the improving standards of mobile phone applications day by day. With the ever-increasing numbers of mobile phone customers, the focus of software developers is in increasing the functionality being provided to the users of smart phone.

The applications that were introduced for smart phones initially did only a little more than offer new emoticons, themes for the smart phones or notebook keeping opportunities. The revolution of the application industry, from these basic apps to the ones available today, in such a small time period is remarkable. There are several reasons that account for this rapid development:

  • Today, smart phone applications can give you the full functionality of a service provider. For instance, apps like Whatsapp and Viber offer their users free-of-cost communication, be it texting or calling, across the world. Similarly, synching applications allow one to control all the activities being carried out on an office PC through a handheld smart phone, from anywhere or a cell phone tracking software can help you monitor any mobile phone from anywhere in the world. As for the entertainment bit, the number of applications apart, the wide range of target audience starts from toddlers and ends with interest only.
  • Another factor that upholds our market of applications is our social network. The social websites allow gaming applications to go viral easily. The series of challenges begins and more and more applications start to follow on the one game pattern that becomes popular. This trend keep ups the development in gaming apps.
  • Other entertainment applications help iOS and Android users to
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5 iPhone Apps to Help You Adjust Down Under (in Australia)

So you’ve decided to move to Australia. While the people are friendly and they do speak English, there are likely some hurdles you’ll need to overcome before you make the trip down under. The following apps for iPhone and Android will help get you through each day in your new country:

The Aussie Slang Dictionary

Slang words and local dialects are often the most difficult to understand. Luckily for you, The Aussie Slang Dictionary is here to save the day.

This dictionary will have you speaking fluent Australian English in no time, no matter what conversational situation you find yourself in. Learn the ins and outs of every slang word and pull up the dictionary when its most convenient for you. This app is a must for ever newly arrived immigrant.

The Aussie Quiz

If you often feel like you’re being left out of the conversation because you have a lack of knowledge when it comes to Australian topics, your prayers have been answered with The Aussie Quiz.

The Aussie quiz will help you learn everything there is to know about Australia, including popular celebrities, history, food, travel spots and more. This popular phone companion will have you outsmarting your friends in no time. Make sure to brush up on popular topics before you head to the next party.

Drink Tracker

Aussies love to drink, so it might be a good idea to go out with your friends to a pub once in awhile.

Before you head out, make sure you’ve downloaded the Drink Tracker app. Drink Tracker allows you to accurately count how many drinks you’ve had and how much alcohol is in your system. Downloading this app will definitely save you from all the headaches that come with getting arrested for drunk driving.

Metro Public Transportation

Migrating to …

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5 Best Voice Command Apps for Android

Apple’s Siri has long been established as the number one voice activation app on any smartphone anywhere, however, the Android operating system offers a number of different voice apps. In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at five of the best voice command apps for the Android operating system to see how they match up.

Google Voice Search

This app tends to come pre-installed on most smartphones that run the Android operating system. Like most other similar apps, Google Voice Search allows you to:

  • Speak commands rather than type them.
  • You can ask for directions.
  • Dictate text messages and make calls to contacts in your phone-book with no trouble at all.
Speaktoit Assistant

This app itself acts like a virtual assistant, and after you have installed it, you can choose from a number of different assistants, both male and female. The app is very impressive, with a choice of six languages.

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese

With many more on the way, making Speaktoit one of the most versatile voice command apps around. Not only is it multilingual, it will also learn from you whilst you use it, as well as letting you dictate text messages, Facebook messages and entering reminders and events to your calendar.

Dragon Mobile Assistant


With Dragon Mobile Assistant you can:

  • Open other applications on your phone.
  • Compose text messages and emails.
  • Start music playback of music stored on your phone.
  • Dictate status updates to social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Find bars and restaurants and check the weather before you leave.


Most of the voice command apps on the market do the same things, such as allowing you to compose emails and other messages by voice command, rather than spending time typing them out. With Iris you …

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Out of the Box – Basic Apps Make the iPhone 5s Incredibly Handy

You know it makes you hip and trendy, but that’s not the only reason to buy an iPhone. It really has all the features you need for work and for play.

You have probably heard a lot about the number of apps available on the App Store for the iPhone. But you may not have heard much about some of the useful apps that come preinstalled on the device.

If you are having second (or third) thoughts about purchasing an iPhone, consider some of the basic features on an iPhone—no downloading required. Some of the many useful apps that the iPhone comes with out-of-the-box are:

Brilliant 4″ Retina display: This lets you see more of everything in vivid and lifelike detail.

On-screen virtual keyboard: This pops up whenever you need it–for adding a contact in the address book, composing an email message, typing a note, or entering a URL to visit in Safari.

Contacts: This is your address book which holds all of your contacts’ home and office addresses and phone numbers to help you keep track of the important people in your life.

Calculator: No portable electronic device would be complete without a built-in calculator. The iPhone gives you a basic one that’s easy-to-use, and if you turn it to the horizontal orientation, a full-featured scientific calculator.

Notes: This little yellow notepad gives you a place to put everything that might not fit elsewhere–to-do lists, thoughts, ideas, brainstorms, grocery lists and more.

E-mail: This is one of the most popular features of the iPhone for many users. It allows them to stay connected with their correspondents and to send important messages without struggling to get to the home or office.

Calendar: This is the electronic version of the old paper notebook. It’s great for professionals to keep track of …

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Gold iPhone 5S Generates Huge Demand Through Stock Shortage

A recent analysis of Google search trends has revealed that the iPhone 5s is 68% more popular than the more affordable iPhone 5c. This comes as a surprise to many who expected the low cost 5c to be the big hit.

Upon release, the premium 5s rapidly ascended in Uswitch’s Sales & Search charts to hit the number six position. This took a meager 10 days before the upward trajectory was cut short by stock shortages. According to Uswitch new mobile usually take about one month to reach the number six position.

Perhaps the rapid early sales pattern is stimulated by the inevitable stock shortages that almost always ensue just days after the official iPhone handset launch.

Stock shortages were particularly prevalent with the Champagne Gold colour 5s, which also happened to be the most sought after model according to a study of 1973 tech fans.

The study revealed that over 47% of people wanted the gold iPhone while 36.95% wanted silver and 15.86% wanted the white variant.

With stock shortages still effecting both online and high-street vendors, the public appetite of iPhone seems only to be growing.

Apple has not given a precise date as to when iPhone supplies will be able to meet demand but they have suggested that it will be some time in December. Just in time for Christmas. A coincidence or are Apple stringing us along? We’ll let you decide.…

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PAYG Vs SIM only contracts

Mobile phones have fast become an essential purchase as many people rely on them for their day to day social and business interactions. In response the mobile networks have had to conjure up new styles of deals to cater to their customers’ needs. Here we take a snap shot view of the deals available and how they differ.

Firstly, standard mobile contracts have always been popular, especially amongst people who want to get their hands on a high-end mobile handset. The reason being is that they don’t have to pay much (if anything) to acquire the handset. With top end Smartphones such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 costing as much as £400 plus to buy outright, this can seem like a very attractive option.

SIM only contracts

The other benefit is that you never have to worry about running out of Top-Up. Although the drawback is that you are tied in to a contract for up to 2 years. Also, a contract doesn’t make you immune from ‘bill shock’ if you overuse your data allowance. Having said that, getting a phone as part of your contract will always cost you more than buying each element separately.

People who like flexibility tend to choose PAYG, as you aren’t obliged to pay the same amount every month. It also means you can choose exactly how your TopUp is spent. So if you fancy surfing the net, use it on data. Another month you may prefer more talk time. Most phones are available on PAYG these days, but there aren’t so many available for the iPhone.

However, if you want a flexible deal that actively saves you money then SIM only iPhone contracts could be just right for you. However you’ll need to be able to afford to pay for your …

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HTC 1X Review

The wait is nearly over; HTC have confirmed that the brand new, shimmering, ultra-modern HTC OneX phone is to be released on April 5th. If you haven’t seen or heard of this phone then where have you been the last few months!?! But that’s not important right now, what is important is that the HTC One-X is about to revolutionise the mobile internet device market. So Time to send your old HTC hero to the recycling center and move forward embracing the next generation on HTC technology.…

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